North Shore Salon 2014 – our placings

Congratulations to Meg Lipscombe, FPSNZ  awarded the Salon Trophy for 2014 and Gold medal for Monochrome Print with “Like Mother like Son”


To Tracey Robinson awarded Gold and Silver for Street Photgraphy with “The Kiss” and “The Streets of Paris”

the kiss streetsofparis


Other mentions

Honors awarded to :

Meg Lipscombe – Print ‘scapes – for “Sea Mist”

Tracey Robinson – Digital open for “Fallen Angel”  & ” Her Masters Voice”

Acceptances given to Meg Lipscombe for “Horseshoe Bend”. Tracey Robinson for “That Tom has Attitude”, “Can you see Me” and “The young Horseman”. Trish Bailey for “In a Spin” & Kiwi Kids Rinse Cycle” and Lisa Ainsley for “Taking a Moment” & “My Precious”

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