Monthly Topics

Please note that the month listed is when the images are to be entered. The evaluation, feedback and grading of the images are given the following month.

Members may enter two images per month, and they can both be the Set Subject, or both be Open or one of each.

Images may be as a print or a digital file. Please refer to the Club Handbook 2018 on how to submit images or ask a member for advice on how to do this correctly or your image may be refused for submission.

Submit digital images via the upload tab on our website.

February 2018


Suspended movement using a fast shutter speed or slow shutter speed for motion blur…there are many ways to capture movement in photography.

Deadline: 4 Feb
Meeting: 7 Mar

March 2018

My Happy Place

Where or what is your happy place? From your back yard to the other side of the world – the destination that always puts a smile on your face.

Deadline: 4 Mar
Meeting: 4 Apr

April 2018


Abstract photography focuses on shape, form, colour, pattern, and texture. It seeks to show the subject’s essence, not the reality.

Deadline: 1 Apr
Meeting: 2 May

May 2018


Churches, vehicles, abandoned and high rise buildings all have them. Use a window as the subject or as the frame to your image…be creative.

Deadline: 29 Apr
Meeting: 6 Jun

June 2018

Mid-Year Competitions

More details in the club handbook.

  • David Gould Award
    This award is presented for the best NIGHT print or projected image
  • Annette Champness Award
    This award is presented for the best NATURE print or projected image
  • Mike Barkman Award
    This award is presented for the best black and white or monotone print or projected image.
    The subject is Open.

Deadline: 3 Jun
Meeting: 4 Jul

July 2018

Autumn Colour

Autumn is a time when nature explodes with colour – show the mood or the many shades of the changing season.

  • Bonnington Award
    Audio Visual Competition – entries accepted and shown at August meeting

Deadline: 1 Jul
Meeting: 1 Aug

August 2018


Keep it simple! Often, the power of a photo is inversely proportional to the number of elements it has.

Deadline: 29 Jul
Meeting: 5 Sep

September 2018


Inclement weather provides opportunities for memorable shots that you wouldn’t get otherwise. The more drama that the environment provides, the more artistic and striking the pictures can be. Remember to keep your camera dry.

Deadline: 2 Sep
Meeting: 3 Oct

October 2018


The colour red symbolizes power, strength, passion, and vitality. Whether you choose to fill the frame with red or create a composition around a red subject, the viewer’s eye should be immediately drawn to this strong and powerful colour.

Deadline: 30 Sep
Meeting: 7 Nov

November 2018

Year-End Competitions

More details in the club handbook.

  • Open Print
    The topic may be of the member’s own choosing
  • Open Digital
    Submit what you consider to be your best digital image. The topic may be of your own choosing.
  • George Bennett Award
    This Award is for the best portfolio of six prints or projected images.
    The portfolio does not have to follow a theme, but must demonstrate the proficiency of the photographer.

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