Monthly Topics

Please note that the month listed is when the images are to be entered. The evaluation, feedback and grading of the images are given the following month.

Members may enter two images per month, and they can both be the Set Subject, or both be Open or one of each.

Images may be as a print or a digital file. Please refer to the Club Handbook 2017 on how to submit images or ask a member for advice on how to do this correctly or your image may be refused for submission.

Submit digital images via the upload tab on our website.

February 2017


You choose the time of day. You choose the location. Your picture may show the grandeur of large buildings or the hustle and bustle of a city street. Wide angle or zoom in – so long as we can see something of the essence of the city.

March 2017


Use geometry in your photograph. It may be in the form of diagonal lines, triangles, arcs or s-curves. This isn’t maths so try to keep it simple. Just use your geometric feature in a way that enhances your picture.

April 2017


Shoot through glass, over glass, around glass or reflect off glass. Use broken glass (very carefully), windows, or glass object – the choice is yours. Be creative – use your imagination.

May 2017


A triptych is a group of three photos. They should be three separate pictures (not one picture split into thirds) & should have a common theme. The pictures don’t have to be the same scale, size or shape but there should be an ‘order’.

June 2017

The Mid Year Competitions

More details in the club handbook.

  • David Gould Award
    This award is presented for the best NIGHT print or projected image
  • Annette Champness Award
    This award is presented for the best NATURE print or projected image
  • Mike Barkman Award
    This award is presented for the best black and white or monotone print or projected image.
    The subject is Open.

July 2017

Creative Focus

Ansel Adams said, ‘You don’t take a photo, you make it’. This month you can let your creative juices flow. Get creative – in camera or in post processing. Have some fun. Check out the Pukekohe Franklin Camera Club for inspiration – you may find yourself entering after this month.

  • Bonnington Award
    Audio Visual Competition – entries accepted and shown at August meeting

August 2017

Jetty’s or Piers

Whether you are local or further afield there are plenty of opportunities out there. The jetty or pier should be the main feature of your photograph.

September 2017


Capture the thrill of a good action shot. Ensure that your photo tells a story. There is opportunity to challenge yourself with this one.

October 2017


Bugs are interesting. Bugs can be challenging. Our six and eight legged friends are all around us. Be patient, get up close (or maybe zoom in) to get your best bug photos.

November 2017

The End of Year Competitions

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