Monthly Topics

Please note that the month listed is when the images are to be entered. The evaluation, feedback and grading of the images are given the following month.

Members may enter two images per month, and they can both be the Set Subject, or both be Open or one of each.

Images may be as a print or a digital file. Please refer to the Club Handbook 2019 on how to submit images or ask a member for advice on how to do this correctly or your image may be refused for submission.

Submit digital images via the upload tab on our website.

January 2019

Summer Holidays

Special Holiday Topic (for a bit of fun) Images must be taken from a Mobile Phone and will be judged by popular choice at the February meeting

Deadline: 27 Jan
Meeting: 6 Feb

February 2019


Interpret the theme “bridge” You can capture any type or style of bridge, or go deeper and make an image of something or someone that acts as a bridge in your life: a link, a connection, a mediator – tell the story!

Deadline: 6 Feb
Meeting: 6 Mar

March 2019

Play with Perspective

Learning how perspective affects the elements in an image is one of the most important things for photographers to master. The human brain will determine the scale and depth of the objects in an image by determining their relationship to each other – so photographers use perspective to demonstrate the depth and sense of scale in a scene or to distort and emphasize it. Play with the perspective in your imagery

Deadline: 6 Mar
Meeting: 3 Apr

April 2019


Show how you interpret silence in a photograph. Images must contain a living object, such as a person, animal or tree.

Deadline: 3 Apr
Meeting: 1 May

May 2019


A triptych is a group of three photos. They should be three separate pictures (not one picture split into thirds) & should have a common theme. The pictures don’t have to be the same scale, size or shape but there should be an ‘order’.

Deadline: 1 May
Meeting: 5 Jun

June 2019

Mid-Year Competitions

More details in the club handbook.

  • David Gould Award
    This award is presented for the best NIGHT print or projected image
  • Annette Champness Award
    This award is presented for the best NATURE print or projected image
  • Mike Barkman Award
    This award is presented for the best black and white or monotone print or projected image.
    The subject is Open.
  • Prints: Theme – Creative Photography is an extension of conventional photography into creative art. Its purpose is to stimulate creative thoughts and encourage experimentation with new ideas going beyond a simple photograph.

Deadline: 5 Jun
Meeting: 3 Jul

July 2019

Rule of Thirds & Audio Visual Competition

This centuries’ old guideline is a simple principle that helps photographers compose balanced and interesting images. Subjects can be people, objects, landscapes, or whatever, but all should demonstrate composition taking advantage of Rule-Of-Thirds

  • Bonnington Award
    Audio Visual Competition – entries accepted and shown at August meeting

Deadline: 3 Jul
Meeting: 7 Aug

August 2019


Skies, eyes and sadness. Let your imagination run wild! Blue must be the dominant colour or theme in your image.

Deadline: 7 Aug
Meeting: 4 Sep

September 2019

Still Life

This popular genre involves photographing one or more inanimate objects, and you can do it all from the comfort of your home using a simple table top and window light.

Deadline: 4 Sep
Meeting: 2 Oct

October 2019


Simply put, bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph.

Deadline: 2 Oct
Meeting: 6 Nov

November 2019

Year-End Competitions

More details in the club handbook.

  • Open Print
    The topic may be of the member’s own choosing
  • Open Digital
    Submit what you consider to be your best digital image. The topic may be of your own choosing.
  • George Bennett Award
    This Award is for the best portfolio of six prints or projected images.
    The portfolio does not have to follow a theme, but must demonstrate the proficiency of the photographer.

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